3 Trendy Bangs You Should Try

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At a certain moment in your life, the idea of having bangs might suddenly pop into your mind. While bangs look flattering when you have compatible face shapes, it also has possibilities to turn into a disaster. Moreover, you need to give bangs time until it looks right. Not to mention, it is also high maintenance – you need to style them every day and keep them in the optimum length for the best look. However, once you get it right, it will be the best thing in the world!  


For starters, you might want to try our recommendation of trendy bangs below.


1. Micro-Bangs

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This bang is usually cut roughly and has an inch or higher distance above the eyebrows. This fringe style is also known as baby bangs, and the trend was brought under highlight since the 1950s by Audrey Hepburn and Bettie Page. In 2018, Emma Watson also showed her micro-bangs on the Vanity Fair red carpet. 

With the short bangs, you don’t have to worry about its maintenance. It is also an awesome compliment for various hair length and texture. However, you have to add dry shampoo in your routine to prevent your bangs from the greasy look.

Creating a manageable hair style without extra care is not difficult. You can try to cut your hair short with micro bangs. You will not have difficulty to treat or style your hair bangs.

If you like random haircuts, maybe your bangs will also look beautiful in a micro style. Even though your hair is yellow, random style bangs like a baby are enough to create an extraordinary sensation.

Your long hair will look attractive with you giving random bangs. For face shape like this, it is suitable with charming micro bangs.

Having short hair with white color is a choice for some women. In addition, unique micro bangs make your hair style more attractive and awesome.

Regarding the design of old hairstyles and are still popular today, random haircuts with micro bangs are increasingly popular with many women. Besides being easy to care for and not complicated, this hairstyle is attractive for stylish women.

If you want to remember your hair style when you were a baby, you can add your hair style with micro bangs. This style looks simple and easy. But behind the ease of care, it will give a deep classic impression to you.

Still with a charming short haircut style with micro bangs that can create an extraordinary pixy style. Women with pieces like this become stylish and elegant.

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The medium haircut style with micro bangs is very popular with many women. For those who do not have much time to care for hair, this style is the right choice. Because it is very easy and simple.

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Not only ordinary people, even famous stars like long hair design with extraordinary micro bangs. No wonder this hairstyle is loved by many women.

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2. Wispy Bangs

Picture: https://s2.r29static.com/bin/entry/cb9/545×818,85/2072979/image.webp

If you love long face-framing bangs, you might want to opt for this style. This fringe is usually trimmed vertically and give a big impact to your overall looks, especially for those with the square face shape. The long bangs will cascade graciously and highlight your sharp jawline. With wispy bangs, you can also always trim it and make shorter bangs whenever you feel like to!

f you like long hair, then this bangs is perfect for your hair style. Thin and long bangs decorate your front hair, and can support your face to look perfect.

Long black hairstyles with stunningly thin bangs give an extraordinary impression. In addition to adding a hairstyle to make it look beautiful, this design makes your face look in tune with your hair style.

Showing the hairstyle involved, with long thin bangs will make you look beautiful and attractive. This design is suitable for those of you who love building.

If you are an office worker and want to look perfect, don’t forget the long hairstyle with thin bangs. This hairstyle will give an extraordinary impression to your appearance when going to the office.

With a slightly wavy hairstyle, it will be more attractive with thin bangs. Thin bangs to support the shape of your square face in rhythm with your hairstyle.

If you have a slightly square face, you can choose a long hairstyle with thin bangs. This hairstyle will slightly cover and match your face with your extraordinary hairstyle.

Showing long and black hairstyles incomplete with thin bangs. Thin bangs help balance the shape of your face. So with the help of thin bangs will equalize your hairstyle with your face.

With long but thin bangs, your long blonde hair will look perfect. In addition, with the shape of your face that is rather square, thin and rather long bangs can align your face


This is a fabulous hairstyle. With a long blonde color and a little bangs that cover almost part of your forehead, this style appears extraordinary and much favored by many women.

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3. Curtain Bangs

Picture: https://s3.r29static.com/bin/entry/62a/720×864,85/1879075/image.webp

This style has long face-framing fringes that split in the middle creating curtain-like bangs. If you examine closely, you will notice that the bangs are not equally cut. Instead, they are mostly different lengths, so that it will still look great when you pull them aside and create side bangs.

Not just beautifying the style, but the middle-fringe bangs that resemble the curtain is very pleasing to those of you who have black hair. Beauty is increasingly felt with long bangs arranged neatly like a curtain.

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Hairstyles will be created for several reasons. If you have a slightly curly hair type, you can add bangs rather long. Arrange neatly your hair bangs like a curtain that will add an amazing impression to your hairstyle.

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You don’t have to have a beautiful face like this. If you just want a hairstyle that is able to steal the attention of many men, you can try a long hairstyle with long bangs arranged to the left and right side like a curtain.

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Appearing charming when you work or when relaxing with long hairstyles with long bangs that are arranged perfectly is the choice of many women. This is one example of a hairstyle with neatly split bangs.

Appearing with long blond hair is very attractive to women. Plus the neatly arranged bangs with a slightly oval face shape are extraordinary. This will be the hairstyle of choice that many women like.

Long bangs arranged neatly like a curtain will make your hairstyle more beautiful. Although it looks simple, but this style is very useful for charming hairstyles for women. Moreover, this style is applied by teenage girls who are pubescent.

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It cannot be separated from the long hairstyle with long bangs, if arranged neatly and perfectly resembles a beautiful bead it will bring its own beauty. No wonder many women who crave long straight hair and make long bangs to add beauty to your hairstyle.

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There is no universal bangs haircut—make sure to find bangs style that truly fits you. The trendy bangs listed above might be the right one for you!

3 Trendy Bangs You Should Try




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